word.red is a fast-paced, turn-based, multi-player word game. To start a game, click the button below. You’ll get a link that you can share with friends to join the game. When everyone has joined, hit “start game” to begin play.

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How to play

The object of word.red is to score the highest number of points before your timer goes out. Each player has their own timer which counts down only on that player’s turn.

Each turn, the active player can pick a word from the game board by selecting a sequence of adjacent tiles (diagonals are allowed). A given tile can only be used once in a word, and words must be at least three letters to be played. When a word is played, the player accumulates a score that is the sum of the numbers on each tile.

Screenshot of word.red game showing the word 'trash' spelled with adjacent tiles.

If players can’t find a word, they can pass to avoid running down their clock. When a player passes, the highest-point tile on the board is flipped, but the player doesn’t get any points.

After each turn, the tile with the highest score is replaced with a new, random tile. Scores of tiles used in that turn are reset, and scores of every non-played tile are increased by one.

The game ends when every player’s timer has run out.